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App Chat: Digital tools to keep you on your fantasy football A-game

Screenshot of Rotoworld mobile app.
Screenshot of Rotoworld mobile app.

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Now it's time for App Chat, our weekly app recommendation segment.

We're in week 2 of the NFL season, and if you're playing fantasy football with your buddies or coworkers, by now you are either the hater or the hated member of your group depending on how well or poorly your fantasy team is playing. 

The good news for you is that today we're talking about a few apps that could help you conquer your fantasy football league.

David Gonos, contributor to Sports Illustrated and a partner at, offers up his picks for the best apps to use this football season:

Favorite Football App: CBS

Depending on where you manage your league, that really determines which app you use, but I love's mobile app. They recently revamped it and if you have your league through CBS, I think this is the best one. I've got four leagues with them. You can propose trades, you can set your lineups, you can pick up your free agents, then you can check the live scoring on Sundays. It has a little bit of everything for you and its easy to use. (For Android or iPhone)

Best App for News and Tips: RotoWorld from NBC

RotoWorld is the best-known player news update site, and it's got one of the best apps. It's very user-friendly, there's not a lot of different places you're going to go, you don't have to find the news. As soon as you log on the news is right there. You can even set your specific players to have their own tab on there so you can look at just your players. They'll give you the NFL headlines you need to know and the player news that's happening throughout the day. 

Best App to Discreetly Check Scores: NFL 

This reminds me of the movie "Best Of Times" when Robin Williams is trying to watch the football team during dinner. I like the NFL mobile app, to me I think it's the best. They revamped theirs this year, I love the drive charts and the in-game stats. I love ESPN's score center, too, just in general for all sports, but for football specifically I like the NFL app. (For Android or iPhone)

Best Overall: Twitter

If you want to beat RotoWorld to the news, you can get on Twitter. It's still the spot for instant news and still the place to go. A couple of my favorites are @EricMackFantasy and @Chet_G. Also following the beat writers for each team is worth following.