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Revisiting the 'All American High' doc a generation later

Torrance High School homecoming queen for 1984.
Torrance High School homecoming queen for 1984.
Keva Rosenfeld

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In 1984, filmmaker Keva Rosenfeld spent the better part of a school year with a film crew, following students at Torrance High School.  He shot them in class, at football games, and at pretty wild parties.

The result was an award-winning documentary, "All American High," released in 1987.

Last month, the film was screened for the first time in a generation at the American Cinematheque. A number of the students in the film showed up to the screening, some with their kids, now in high school, in tow.

Rosenfeld said the fact he had complete access to the students when he made the film is something he can't imagine happening today.

The doc focuses on a foreign exchange student from Finland. She was able to bring an outsider's perspective, while also being a participant. Rosenfeld is convinced her character and personality is one reason the film does such a good job of capturing high school life in the '80's.

"All American High" screens again for a week beginning Saturday at The Cinefamily in West Hollywood.