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'Generation Iron': The modern-day bodybuilder's quest for the Mr. Olympia title

An image from the film
An image from the film "Generation Iron."
Vlad Yudin

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In 1977, the documentary "Pumping Iron" introduced moviegoers to the world of bodybuilding. 

The film showcased the events leading up to the 1975  Mr. Olympia competition, focusing on then 5-time champ Arnold Schwarzenegger and future Hulk Lou Ferrigno. 

A lot has changed since then, as Americans have become more interested in fitness and exercise. But what about bodybuilding?  

"Generation Iron" is a new film from director Vlad Yudin. It follows a new generation of bodybuilders in their quest to be crowned Mr. Olympia. We're joined by the film's director Vlad Yudin.