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The politics of Dr. Seuss's 'Green Eggs and Ham'

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Anyone watching the current machinations in Congress would be forgiven for comparing lawmakers to a bunch of children who can't get along. Children who could maybe use a little Mr. Rogers in their lives, or maybe some Dr. Seuss.

Well Dr. Seuss indeed made an appearance on the Senate floor last night, at least one of his most classic books, "Green Eggs & Ham" did. You remember how it goes: the character "Sam I Am" tries to persuade his friend to eat Green Eggs and Ham. His friend refuses over and over again:

As part of his pseudo-filibuster against funding for Obamacare Republican Ted Cruz read aloud from "Green Eggs and Ham" for his daughters who were apparently at home watching him on C-SPAN.

This was an interesting choice -- politically -- and here for a little discussion of green food and the food fight in Congress is our very literary friend David Kipen, owner of the Boyle Heights lending library Libros Schmibros.