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Comment Box: Couples counseling, Dodger Dogs, New York tacos

A display of historical mailboxes at the National Postal Museum.
A display of historical mailboxes at the National Postal Museum.
Todd Martin/Flickr Creative Commons

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It's time to dip into the Comment Box to find out what you have to say about the work we're doing.

First up is a segment we did on couples counseling for Democrats and Republicans. Ben Karney, the UCLA psychology professor we spoke with, offered some insight into the parties' communication problems: 

"One of the things that keeps couples together is the sense of being accountable to each other. We know that we have to work together, ultimately, so that is going to keep us coming to the negotiating table. On the other hand sometimes you see couples who are having affairs or who have started relationships outside the primary one and those couples are very hard to bring them back together because they're not accountable to each other. they're accountable to their new partners."

Maybe what we're seeing here is that, Republicans and Democrats, they should be married to each other because they have to run the government together or raise kids together if you think about it, but maybe they're having affairs with other partners, where they're really not accountable to each other anymore. They're accountable to their own constituencies, and that means that they don't have to compromise together."

Listener Carter Cohn posted on our site: "Are you people crazy? Obama and the Republicans are not a married couple in any way!' and listener Michael Cardoza weighed in, "What a shallow analysis of what's going on in Washington."

Ok, we admit that segment was pretty light, but we were just trying to have fun with Washington's sad storyline, a little laughter so you don't cry, you know?

Though these next few segments we are about to discuss are also light in topic, they aren't in calories.

Earlier this week we had a chat about Dodger Dogs with LA Times food blogger Jenn Harris. This generated a flurry of web posts and tweets,  several dissing the dog, while some came to its defense.

One listener posted on our site: 'It tastes like heated up baloney," while another wrote in to say, "The regular Dodger Dogs leave a lot to be desired, but the all-beef option has been decent."

Listen up Dodger Stadium management, on Twitter we asked folks to tell us what kind of culinary treats they'd like see served there.

Here's a sample of a few:

Speaking of tacos, you may have heard about the taco showdown we discussed last week. A New York Times food blogger dared to say that New York tacos could go "mano-a-mano" with LA Tacos. As expected, several of you were incensed:

Here's what listener Margo Grace Carr had to say: "My three years in New York City led me to a sad conclusion. It is actually possible to make something called guacamole that is disgusting and doesn't taste of avocados."

'Nuff said.

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