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Take a bite of LA with Kogi Taco's chef Roy Choi

Roy Choi in his home city Los Angeles.
Roy Choi in his home city Los Angeles.
Bobby Fisher

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In recent years, food trucks have become as integral a part of Southern California's DNA as sunshine and palm trees.

But that may not have been the case were it not for chef Roy Choi. A few years back, he merged his love of Korean and Mexican cuisine in dishes like kimchi quesadillas and BBQ short rib tacos and put it on wheels. And thus, the Kogi Taco Truck phenomenon was born.

Choi went on to become the first food truck cook to be named Best New Chef by Food and Wine magazine.

He has a new book out, which is part memoir, part cookbook. It's called "LA Son: My Life, My City, My Food."