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On The Lot: Box office winners, RIP Paul Walker, Maria Bello and more

Still from the Disney animated film,
Still from the Disney animated film, "Frozen."

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Time for On The Lot, our weekly look at the business of entertainment with Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times.

We begin with the holiday weekend box office champs, two films that feature women in lead roles: "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire", and "Frozen."

Both these films kind of have it all. They set box office records, they polled very high with people who saw them and the critics love them. How did they nail it so well?

There are a lot of movies set for release in the holiday season, but will "Frozen" and "Hunger Games" power through all the way to New Years?

Fans of the car racing franchise, "Fast and Furious" are still in shock over the death of Paul Walker, who was killed in a car crash on Saturday. Walker played Brian O'Connor in the series of films. We'll take a look back at his life and his acting career.

His death happened as the seventh film in the series is being shot in Atlanta. What are the plans for releasing it? This is a monster film franchise. How might Walker's death will effect it?

Walker also starred in another film, set to be released in just two weeks called "Hours," about a father's struggle to save his prematurely born child in New Orleans during Katrina. Will it still be released ahead of Christmas?

Let's talk about someone who makes an entirely different kind of film: John Sayles. He makes indie movies, and he's a favorite of many NPR listeners. But he's hinting that the indie grind is just too much, and this might be his last film, right?

Maria Bello revealed, in a New York Times column, that she is having a romantic relationship with a woman. She's just the latest actor to come out, sometimes in pretty interesting ways.