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App Chat: The best new apps for board game fans

Screenshot of the digital board game
Screenshot of the digital board game "Pandemic" for the iPhone and iPad.
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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, perhaps you spent a good chunk of your time playing the very addictive board game with your family members. What are you to do when you find yourself without a group of friends and family to play with? Pull out your tablet or smartphone of course!

There are a bunch of more traditional board games finding new life online. Here to tell us more about it is Devindra Hardawar, national editor for Venture Beat.  

Suggested Apps:

Pandemic ($6.99)
Allows you and friends to manage to a global outbreak. This is a cooperative board game, so it's more about working together than trying to defeat each other (also tons of fun on your own).

Carcassonne ($9.99)
The first truly great iPad board game, it centers around building and managing towns using plenty of tiles and some meticulous rules. Its helpful in-game manual makes it far easier to learn than the traditional tabletop version of the game. Offers multiplayer over Bluetooth, wifi, or just passing around your iPad.

Small World 2 ($9.99) 
One of many world domination boardgames, this one stands out with its colorful graphics and wide variety of races to choose from. 

Ticket to Ride ($6.99)
This game lets you live out your dreams of being a railroad tycoon — you'll certainly want to be one after playing it. Ticket to Ride lets you build out train routes with the goal of covering as much of the U.S. and parts of Canada as you can. 

Agricola ($6.99, for iPad and iPhone)
A resource building game that lets you build a tiny farm into a magnificent agriculture machine. Supports up to five players. One of the more faithful board game adaptations, and the colorful graphics should keep kids interested.