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App Chat: Tools to help you recover from holiday overspending

Out of all of the personal finance apps that we tested - the Level app was the simplest.
Out of all of the personal finance apps that we tested - the Level app was the simplest.

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Solving problems with apps - that's what App Chat is about. This week we're going to take a look at four apps that'll help with your personal finances.

Recommended Apps:

1. Mint
Probably the most popular of the four apps that we're going to recommend. If you have multiple accounts, cards, investments... it lets you track them all in one place. If you start spending too much on things it'll send you an alert letting you know and you can set budgets and it'll let you know if you're on track with those. The downside? It's slow. So, if you're on a shopping spree and you spend right up to the line on your budget... Mint won't alert you of your spending activity for a while. Which - hey for power shoppers out there - sometimes that's too late.

2. Level
If all you want to know from your app is if you're spending too much - go with Level. It breaks down how much money you have left to spend by day, week and month. And it updates much faster than Mint, so it could save you when you go on a shopping spree.

3. Budgt
With both Level and Mint you have to input your banking login information if you want them to be effective. If you're not about giving out that info, you can input each transaction and your monthly income, by hand, with Budgt. It might also work better for people with smaller/variable incomes - like if you don't have a consistent paycheck coming in.

4. Wallaby
This app is less about financial monitoring and more about recommending which credit card you should use in a store so that you can get the best rewards. According to Wallaby its customers have an average of five cards each. It's helpful if you have multiple credit cards. You input which cards you have - fire up the app when you're at a store and it tells you which one is the best to use at that store.