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Who birthed 'Jamzilla' on the Sepulveda Pass?

Godzilla action figure shot at the Kaiyodo Figure World Exhibition.
Godzilla action figure shot at the Kaiyodo Figure World Exhibition.
Shinichiro Hamazaki/Flickr

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Alright, drivers. A foreboding shadow looms over President's Day weekend. It's something that will make your life a living hell.

Jamzilla, as in a MONSTER traffic jam.

From February 14th - 17th, parts of the northbound 405 are being paved for new carpool lanes in the Sepulveda Pass. During that time, the LA County Metropolitan Transit Authority is warning drivers to avoid that area and stay out of the path of, Jamzilla.

Now, that's not to be confused with Carmaggedon from over two years ago. But we started to wonder who's naming these transit projects?

Turns out that in 2011 it was county supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky who, off-hand, coined the first term in a press conference about the initial 405 closure.

The name just stuck. It wasn't meant to be an official word, but the media loved it.

Then when it came to naming next month's Jamzilla, "We wanted to recreate some of that foreboding and some of the magic," said MTA spokesman Dave Sotero.

For the first time, the MTA is taking it upon itself to give official names like Jamzilla because it found the branding helps people pay attention.

"Carmaggedon was a spectacular, interstellar success. It introduced that term to the American vernacular," said Sotero. "The public understands traffic jams, and Godzilla is an ominous figure in our culture. So marrying the two seemed like a good idea."

Now that it's on your radar, Sotero has some advice: "We're asking the public to divert completely away from the Sepulveda Pass and divert onto other freeways. Stay within your local neighborhoods so you don't contribute to additional congestion for people who absolutely have to be on the roads."

Keep that in mind this President's Day weekend, and you'll be fine. At least until the Carpocalypse.

Just kidding. That doesn't exist...yet.