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On The Lot: Academy Awards prep, Hollywood budgets, on-set accident

Oscar and his clones at a shop in Hollywood, CA.
Oscar and his clones at a shop in Hollywood, CA.
Craig Piersma/flickr Creative Commons

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Time for On The Lot, our weekly look at the business of entertainment with Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times.

The Oscars are less than a week away. What does it take to produce these awards? What's the inside scoop on this year's ceremony? What are they going for?

The musical numbers are always controversial, and producers are always going back and forth between having these long performances or wrapping them into a shorter medley. What will it be this year?

This is the second year for this team. Why is that such a rarity? Keegan talked to two executives of the Academy, the chief executive and the president. What did they say about why they wanted a repeat performance from this producing team?

They're in the midst of putting together an Academy museum?

The Los Angeles Times has done a lot of reporting on the lack of diversity in the Academy, and not surprisingly it’s a lot of white men. Did they comment on that issue at all?

We will concede there are other things happening in Hollywood besides the Oscars. There was a pretty big demonstration in Burbank over the weekend to support tax incentives for production. What happened there?

As we've discussed before on this show, Jerry Brown is not necessarily that sympathetic to Hollywood in the budgets he's been drawing up.

On a sad note, there was a terrible accident at one of those out-of-state shoots. In Savannah, Georgia, a young woman was actually killed on the set of a Greg Allman biopic. What happened?