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Mashup masters Negativland take over the Cinefamily

Negativland performing on stage.
Negativland performing on stage.
Courtesy of Negativland

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The mash up has become a hallmark of modern music. Mix one piece of recorded music with another — like peanut butter and chocolate — and voila! A great new product emerges.

But sometimes it gets in trouble for violating copyright laws. There is no one inventor of the mash up per se, but it's safe to say, the California band Negativland played a pivotal role in the evolution of this art form.

They made national headlines in the 1990s when they sampled audio of Casey Kasem, host of American Top 40, which was America was never meant to hear:


U2's label went on to sue the band, but that didn't deter Negativland. To this day, they continue to stir the pot. Tonight Negativland appears at LA's Cinefamily theater. For a preview of the show, we're joined by one of Negativland's founders Mark Hosler.