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Some tech interns earn $5k+ a month

Owen Wilson (l) and Vince Vaughn starred in,
Owen Wilson (l) and Vince Vaughn starred in, "The Internship," a film about two out-of-work guys who end up interning at Google.
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Being an intern can be grueling, thankless work.

Getting coffee, making copies, no one remembering your name—all for the sliver of hope that there might be a job offer in the end.

If you're lucky during this time, you might get a stipend or a small wage.

If you're really lucky, you're an intern in Silicon Valley where, at the country's top tech firms, you could pull an average of $5,000 or more a month.

GlassDoor is a jobs site that just posted a list of where in the country the top paying internships are, and 18 of the top 25 are in tech.

Scott Dobroski, GlassDoor's spokesperson and community expert, explains to Take Two why it's so lucrative.