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Friday Flashback: NSA changes, Rand Paul, college sports unions and more

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It's the end of another week and time for the Friday Flashback, Take Two's look at the week in news. This morning we're joined in-studio by Los Angeles Times columnist James Rainey and Jamelle Bouie, who's got a new job with

We start with the NSA story. Earlier this week, President Obama unveiled his proposals for changes to the way the NSA collects data. Yesterday he floated an idea to put phone companies on the hook. 

Might Americans feel any more comfortable with this idea?

As we've mentioned before, Tea Party favorite Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky along with the conservative organization FreedomWorks, filed a lawsuit last month the NSA and their domestic surveillance program. Where does Paul and the lawsuit stand now that Obama has announced changes to the program?

Rand Paul managed to bring race into the NSA debate when he spoke to a group of UC Berkeley students recently. What happened there?

Speaking of Rand Paul, while at Berkeley he compared the GOP to a popular pizza chain, Dominoes. How do you think this message goes over, especially at a liberal bastion like Berkeley?

Let's put this in context, this comes during a week where as we heard in our opening montage, you have Joni Ernst, a Republican running for office, talking about how she knows how to cut pork from government because she grew up castrating pigs. Perhaps the GOP really does need a Dominos-like makeover?

This week, House Democrats introduced a petition aimed at forcing a vote on the immigration reform bill that passed the Senate last year, but stalled in the GOP-controlled House. They're calling it the discharge petition.

We recently interviewed Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi about the discharge petition, and she seemed pretty confident. 

Finally, lets go to a topic that we covered a bit yesterday: College athletics and unions. What's your take on the National Labor Relations Board's decision to allow the Northwestern football team to form a union?