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Moses Sumney: One of LA's most talked about musicians

Emilio Guerra

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Moses Sumney is one of the most talked about Los Angeles musicians of 2014 and he hasn't even released an album yet.

You might understand why after you watch one of his live performances.

Moses performs "Everlasting Sigh."

He's a one man band. And even though the 22-year-old has only been playing guitar for a year and a half, and he only recently recorded his music for the first time for his upcoming EP ("Mid City Island" April 8), he's already had opportunities to play with both Solange Knowles and Beck.

For a taste of the upcoming EP you can check out the track "Man on the Moon," which Sumney recorded by himself with a four track recorder in his room. It was the first of a collection of songs that he recorded in there that are going to be released on the new EP.

If you'd like to see Sumney live, he wraps up his residency Monday at the Bootleg Theater.

And if you can't make that, satisfy your curiosity by checking out another live performance by Moses here.

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