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On The Lot: 'Frozen' still on top, 'Noah' tops box office and more

Russell Crowe in
Russell Crowe in "Noah"
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On the Lot is Take Two's regular series of talks about the film business with LA Times reporter Rebecca Keegan.

We begin today with a new record for the animated film "Frozen." It's won tons of awards, it's been breaking box office records for months and now it's become the highest grossing animated film of all time. What boosted it over the edge? What was the previous title-holder? What does the wild success of this film say about the potential of animated features?

If you are Disney, what's the takeaway here? What kind of films are they likely to make based on the success of "Frozen"?

The new film "Noah" made it rain to the tune of $44 million. This is a big special effects film and many of those effects were done far far away? It follows that with the infrastructure of Bollywood there that it would be a natural fit. How big is the industry and how skilled?

This production house profiled is helping to turn the 2D Noah into a 3D movie, it won't be seen in the U.S., but someday in the near future we will be able to see movies in 4D here in L.A.

Any sense how much extra this would cost movie-goers? Has the model been a success abroad?

Since it's been, oh, five minutes since Hollywood gave out an award, now we've got the Location Managers Awards giving some love to a surprising film .

From Westeros to Amsterdam, where a trove of missing silent film shorts has been recovered. What are these films and how did they end up with the Dutch?

One of Orson Welles' daughters is putting a number of possessions up for auction, but no Rosebud sled.