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Tuesday Reviewsday: Madlib, D'Angelo, Mobb Deep, Heidi Vogel and Frankie Knuckles

Peter Beste

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This week on Tuesday Reviewsday, Oliver Wang from and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes join us to talk about the latest in music.

Oliver's Picks:

Artist: Freddie Gibbs + Madlib
Album: Piñata
Song: Broken feat. Scarface
Freddie, a rapper from Gary, Indiana came to Los Angeles and worked with Madlib — one of the most respected and prolific producers in the industry. Madlib has a long history of collaboration projects like this. For example: Jaylib (him and Jay Dee), Madvillain (him and MF Doom), so it seems crazy that they didn't take the opportunity to call this album MadGib, or something like that.

"Piñata" seems like the least likely fit since Freddie's style is pretty thugged-out while Madlib's best known for his jazzy loops. But the partnership works partially because of the dissonance in hearing their styles meshed together. 

Check out an interview that Freddie Gibbs and Madlib did with Rolling Stone.

Artist: Mobb Deep w/ Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and Nas
Album: The Infamous Mobb Deep
Songs: Eye for an Eye (previously unreleased version)
New deluxe version of the album pairs the new LP with songs related to the group's breakout sophomore album from 1995, "The Infamous." It includes unreleased songs — and early versions — of many of their classics. It's fascinating and worthwhile for Mobb Deep fans.  


Artist: Frankie Knuckles 
Album: Beyond the Mix (1991)
Song: The Whistle Song
The godfather of house died at age 59 last week. Easily one of the most influential DJs of all time, Knuckles established himself in the Chicago music scene and has left a lasting impact.


Morgan's Picks

Artist: D'Angelo
Album: Live At The Jazz Cafe, London (1995)
Song: Lady
Fans of the ever elusive neo-soul singer are no doubt overjoyed at the release of this album, which features a collection of songs from his debut project, 1995's Brown Sugar. There was a five-year gap until the release of his next album, 2000's Voodoo. Fans are still waiting for new works, but they'll have to settle for this most recent version of D'Angelo.


Artist: Heidi Vogel
Album: Turn Up The Quiet
Song: Dindi feat. Austin Peralta
The Cinematic Orchestra's lead singer has taken her love for Brazilian music to a full length album. Turn Up the Quiet has been reissued with bonus tracks and remixes.