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App Chat: Mother's Day edition

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You didn't forget that mother's day is coming up... did you? Not to fear. You still have time to pull it together. And to help you out we have some app recommendations and gift ideas this week on App Chat.

If you're in a pull the ripcord, emergency, need gifts now situation, remember, there's always Amazon's app. Overnight shipping is doable. There's also still time for flowers with the app from 1-800-Flowers. You won't have to drive to the florist to pick anything up. Win win?

But, what about things that are a bit less traditional?


This is a wrist-based phone for your kid. It's a rubber strap with a giant button in the middle of it and there's no dialing because it's meant to be kid friendly. The child just presses the center button on the strap and speaks the name of someone (mom or dad) who's pre-programmed into the phone and it then dials that person up. You can also call the kid's wrist and talk to them. 

It's supposed to be resilient, water resistant and built for kid use. Oh! And if you want to know where your kid is, there's a GPS chip installed too. The problem? It's a Kickstarter campaign and it costs about $150 bucks. The upside? There are some serious people working on the project, including a former Chief Technology Officer from Sony Ericsson. And they have a prototype. It's supposed to come out next year, but you can support them now if you're into the idea.


For the mom in your life who's too busy worrying about keeping track of the kids, to go out and buy her own high quality coffee. It's a subscription based coffee service that delivers coffee to your door. They source and roast their own beans from around the world and they'll tell you all about where each batch that you receive is from. To give you an idea of the price, a standard plan is about $19 bucks for 12 ounces of coffee every other week. It's comparable in price to Intelligentsia beans.


For when your mom gets those beans and wants to brew them. It's a timing app that is supposed to help the brewing process. It lets you input everything from the type of grind that you're using, to the water to coffee ratio, to the volume of your drinking vessel. And it helps figure out how long your supposed to brew something. It'll alert you when to pour, when to stir and when to drink. All of the good stuff. It's really for the coffee obsessive, but if you're paying $19 dollars for 12 ounces of coffee... you're probably already at that level.

Movie Pass

For the mother who likes to relax by going to the movies. For $35 dollars a month the app gives her unlimited movie viewings at plenty of theaters around LA. The problem? Lots of theaters aren't included in the list. For example, The Arclight is not, but the theater at the Grove is.


An app created "Because movie theaters don't have pause buttons." So, it's built for you, when you're at the theater with your mom and you don't want to miss a key part of the movie. This app will let you know when you can take a quick break from the movie to use the bathroom. Just pick your movie, set the timer when the title screen pops up and you're ready to go. It'll vibrate when you're at an optimal pee time. Oh and it sums up plot points for chunks of the movie that you've missed while using the restroom.

Correction: An earlier version of this post misstated the name of RunPee. KPCC regrets the error.