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Jill Sobule mines her junk drawer for concept album, 'Dottie's Charms'

Jill Sobule at Griffith Observatory.
Jill Sobule at Griffith Observatory.
Stephanie Diani
Jill Sobule at Griffith Observatory.
A music video for O Canada from "Dottie's Charms" by Jill Sobule.
Jill Sobule (via YouTube)
Jill Sobule at Griffith Observatory.
"Dottie's Charms" is the new album from Jill Sobule, and it's based on this bracelet.

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Musicians find inspiration in all sorts of places, like childhood memories, current events, romantic relationships. 

But L.A.-based singer/songwriter Jill Sobule's latest album was fueled by something she found in her junk drawer. A vintage bracelet with little charms:  a horse, the statue of liberty, an airplane. 

Sobule's latest record,"Dottie's Charms," marks her first concept album. While she was in studio she also played a live version of "My Chair" off the album.

By the way, Jill is on a search to find Dottie, the original owner of the bracelet. Maybe you can help her out