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Vibram Lawsuit: Why are consumers so gullible to product claims

A pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes.
A pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes.
Vibram FiveFingers

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You know those running shoes that look like gloves for your feet?

They hit the market at the height of the Paleo diet trend and were supposed to simulate running barefoot. According to the company that makes them, they're also supposed to make your feet healthier and stronger over time. 

Well, that company, Vibram Five Fingers, just settled a class-action lawsuit for $3.75 million over alleged false claims about the health benefits of wearing them. Beauty giant Revlon is also in the midst of a lawsuit over claims that a line of their products offers a "DNA Advantage." Plus, remember the Sketcher "Shape-ups" settlement?

Consumers are often quick to believe product claims with little scientific evidence to back them up, but why? 

Here to talk with us about what makes us so gullible is Dr. Kit Yarrow, a Consumer Psychologist and author of Decoding the New Consumer Mind.