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'Freakonomics' authors explain why it's important to 'Think Like A Freak'

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The term "freak" has certainly been around for a while, you've got freak of nature, control freak, super freak. But in 2005 people started talking about another kind of freak, "Freakonomics."

It was a best selling book that promised to illustrate the "hidden side of everything," and it very quickly became a phenomenon. Written by journalist Stephen Dubner and University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt, it was a nonfiction book that basically blended two worlds that seemed totally opposite: pop culture and economics. 

Then there was the sequel "SuperFreakonomics" and the movie of the same name:


The pair now has a new book that aims to teach readers how to "Think Like A Freak." Dubner joins the show to talk about the new book and how we often don't think in our own best interest. 

Read an excerpt of "Think Like A Freak":


The "Think Like A Freak" authors will be at All Saints Church in Beverly Hill tonight at 8 p.m. Click here for more info.