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On The Lot: Tearjerkers, Howard Hughes, Producers Guild and more

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Scene from "The Fault In Our Stars."

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Warren Beatty back in the business, Seth Rogen on a ratings rant and the appeal of the tear jerker.

Tom Cruise's big-budget sci-fi action movie "Edge Of Tomorrow" gets bested by a little film about a young couple falling in love, "The Fault in Our Stars," based on a novel that is popular with teens.


Seems like the aggressive marketing campaign behind it paid off. How does Hollywood usually feel about tear-jerkers?

If "The Fault of Our Stars" turns out to be a big hit, can we expect more teen weepies in the future?

Warren Beatty is returning to film after a very, very long hiatus in a film about Howard Hughes.

This is certainly not the first Howard Hughes film. There was of course the Hughes biopic the "Aviator" with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonathan Demme's "Melvin and Howard." How many Howard Hughes films do we really need? What's our obsession with these?

The FBI raided an LA-based production company and charged the producers with ripping off investors to the tune of more than $20 million. What happened?

Over the weekend, the Producers Guild held it's "Produced By" conference, and there were a couple of notable moments, including something of a rant by Seth Rogen about ratings and big budget movies.

Francis Ford Coppola made a strange prediction about the future of film being "live" or something like live. Can you explain what he was talking about?

Ghostbusters, released 30 years ago, and it's coming back to theaters.