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'Brutal Youth': Anthony Breznican on his debut coming-of-age novel

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Anthony Breznican may be a first-time novelist, but he's been writing for a long, long time. He was an entertainment reporter for the Associated Press and USA Today, and he's currently a senior staff writer at Entertainment Weekly.

Breznican's first work of fiction is a dark, coming of age story called "Brutal Youth," a stark look at bullying at a Catholic high school in Pennsylvania. 

Here's what legendary novelist Stephen King had to say about the book: 

"If you thought high school was hell, has Anthony Breznican got a story for you... By turns funny and terrifying, 'Brutal Youth' is an unputdownable tour-de-force, a 'Rebel Without a Cause' for the 21st century."

Breznican spoke with Take Two about "Brutal Youth."

To celebrate the launch of  "Brutal Youth," the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles will present a screening of coming-of-age films on June 20-22, hosted by Anthony Breznican. Find out more here.