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Groom Boom: Male-centric nail salon in LA thrives despite recession

Inside Hammer & Nails salon in Los Angeles.
Inside Hammer & Nails salon in Los Angeles.
Courtesy of Michael Elliot

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The labor department announced the employment numbers for June last week to significant gains. There were 288,000 new jobs added in June and unemployment is down to 6.1 percent.

Among one of the industries that has seen consist net growth is grooming. 

Michael Elliot is owner and founder of the new Hammer & Nails, an L.A.-based nail salon that caters specifically to men. He opened his salon in November 2013 after noticing a need for a more male-centric salon experience and finding that the industry was growing rapidly

Elliot joins Take Two to talk about why he started the salon and how business has been since opening in November 2013.