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Confusing Emmy entries affect nominations based on category

Photo by Hans Splinter via Flickr Creative Commons

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Looking at Thursday's Emmy nominations, it can become difficult to determine distinct genres, roles and categories based on the shows and actors competing against each other for the prestigious award.

Like the three "Orange is the New Black" characters nominated for guest roles, even though they appear regularly in episodes. Or the fact that the show is categorized as a comedy when it seems more like a drama.

It's also interesting that there is no clear cut definition of "mini-series," with a show like "Mad Men" producing seven episodes for a season placed in the same category as the CBS drama "The Good Wife," which released 22 in the same time.

To break this all down, Ken Levine, an award-winning writer, director and producer with an Emmy of his own (1983, "Cheers") joins us. He wrote about the category confusion on his website.