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Tuesday Reviewsday: Weird Al, Laura Welsh, Naomi Shelton, Fink, Willie Nelson and Somi

A screenshot from Weird Al's
A screenshot from Weird Al's "First World Problems."
"Weird Al" Yankovic

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Music supervisor Morgan Rhodes and Oliver Wang from join A Martinez in studio for another episode of Tuesday Reviewsday.

Oliver Wang
Artist: "Weird Al" Yankovic 
Album: Mandatory Fun
Song: "Word Crimes," "Handy"

Word Crimes

Notes: Remember "Weird Al"? I'm pretty sure he's actually been in the mix for a while but he's getting a decent amount of shine for this new album (which also features parodies of: "Fancy," "Royals," "etc."). There was a good piece on Grantland about whether or not "Weird Al's" brand of parody albums has much worth in an age where you can record and upload a parody to YouTube in hours instead of waiting for a once-every-two-years album schedule. Still, when Al does it, he does it well. And that's what sets him apart. 

Artist: Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens
Album: Cold World
Song: "Sinner"
Notes: It's the second full-length album from this New York-based gospel soul singer. In classic Daptone fashion, Shelton had begun singing back in the 1960s but she didn't start recording until about 15 years ago when she crossed paths with the musicians who eventually formed Daptone. The album is the kind of gospel release that secularists (like myself) can get into - great vocals, crack rhythm section and heavy dose of the Holy Ghost.

Artist: Willie Nelson
Album: Country Funk II
Song: "Shotgun Willie"
Notes: Just what it says - country music with a funk bend. It's a concept that professed fans of either would hate (even though they shouldn't). And that, to me, makes it interesting! 

Morgan Rhodes
Artist: Laura Welsh
Album: Laura Welsh EP
Song: "Hardest Part"
Notes: Welsh is a British singer/song writer and blog darling whose singles have steadily been gaining buzz over the last year.  She's collaborated with and been remixed by some of the hottest new artists and producers in the game, and her latest release is worth a listen.

Artist: Fink
Album: Hard Believer
Songs: "Keep Falling," "Hard Believer"
Notes: A British fellow who's a former DJ - singer/songwriter. He's established an impressive track record, writing and arranging songs for the likes of Amy Winehouse and John Legend. Even though it's his first full length album since 2011, he manages to marry folk, rock and blues - perfectly.

Artist: Somi
Album: The Lagos Music Salon
Song: "Ginger Slowly"
Notes: Her move from New York to Lagos three years ago inspired a full-length album that runs the gamut of genres from world to jazz to soul to orchestral sounds.