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Miles Tackett of Breakestra back with solo album

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Since the late 1990s, the group Breakestra has been performing fun music in and around Los Angeles. The City of Angels is where they got their start. They saw a funk music void and decided to fill it, notes one of the group's founding members, Miles Tackett.


Well, after doing that for more than a decade, Miles is taking a detour and going out on his own, releasing a new album titled "The Fool Who Wonders."

"Just What I Need"

The change in sound might be a surprise to some, but when you listen to him talk about his early musical influences while growing up in Topanga Canyon, you realize that it's kind of expected. He grew up around bands like Little Feat and listening to everything from funk to underground hip-hop, during the 1970s. 

Miles tells his tale of growing up in that scene, and how he went from falling asleep to his dad playing music to creating Breakestra to releasing his latest solo album.

Miles is performing Sunday, July 27th at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, CA.