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Sports Roundup: the NBA and women, the NCAA may loosen things up and Lebron slims down

A new instagram image shows a leaner Lebron James - what does this mean for the rest of the NBA?
A new instagram image shows a leaner Lebron James - what does this mean for the rest of the NBA?
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Cleveland is expecting a big dose of LOVE,  the NCAA may relax some of their rules and John McEnroe was so-so on clay but he really liked... grass.

That means it's time for sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, they cover clay, grass and everything else for ESPN.

The NBA and women

The Spurs make news by hiring Becky Harmon as an assistant coach. The NBA has had a history of inclusion as back in 1997 they hired two women to officiate games and Violet Palmer is still on the job. Combine that with Jason Collins coming out last year, how they quickly dealt with Donald Sterling. Is the NBA feeling pretty good about how it looks? 

The eventual Eastern Champs? 

And it appears to a matter of time before T-Wolves superstar Kevin Love will be traded to the Cavaliers to team up with Lebron James. The Cavs cannot make the deal until August 23rd because of rule regarding having to wait 30 days before they can trade draft picks as they top pick Andrew Wiggans is at the center of the trade. Brian, Lebron, Love and All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving on the same team? Can we pencil them in for the NBA Finals? 

A brand new King James

And speaking of Lebron, he's listed at 6'8, 250 pounds, some say  he's the most perfect physical package in sports. But he caused a bit of a stir because he says he has started to curb his carb intake and on pics he posted on Instagram he definitely looks slimmer.

The NCAA may relax some of their most contentious rules ... for a few

And the NCAA appears to set to allow schools from the so-called Big 5 conferences more freedom to pay athletes more money than their scholarship allows, they'll also loosen restrictions against agents and advisors and change recruiting rules to make it easier to contact top prospects. The conferences include the Pac-12, Big 10, Big 12, SEC and ACC. What does this apparent change of heart mean about the NCAA?