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Alfred Molina and director Ira Sachs on 'Love Is Strange'

Alfred Molina and John Lithgow star in the new film,
Alfred Molina and John Lithgow star in the new film, "Love is Strange."
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The new film "Love Is Strange" tells the story of older gay couple Ben and George, played by John Lithgow and Alfred Molina.  After decades together, the two decide to get married. But when word of that marriage makes it to George's employer, a strict Catholic school, he loses his job. 

The couple is forced to sell their New York City apartment and they turn to their family and friends for help. Ben moves in with his nephew and his family, George moves in with neighbors downstairs. It's not an ideal situation for a pair of newlyweds, to say the least.


The film's writer and director, Ira Sachs, says the heart of the story is about love enduring many challenges.

"To me, all of those human issues were really what I was excited to explore," he says. "The political structure was what makes the film contemporary."

Star Alfred Molina adds that his character's sexuality was simply a way to tell the story. "The fact that these two men were gay and in a long term relationship — their sexuality was almost not irrelevant but a circumstance," he says.