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Napa Valley shop holds 'earthquake survivor' wine sale

V Wine Cellar

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Officials in Napa Valley are still tallying the economic damage to the $13 billion wine industry after Sunday's earthquake. Vintners in the region have been using forklifts to re-stack toppled barrels in warehouses throughout the valley, but it's not just winemakers who are affected. Wine purveyors also took a big hit.

Scott Lewis, owner of V Wine Cellar in Yountville, California, says the earthquake damaged or destroyed about 35 percent of their wine. He came in to the store on Sunday and found a lake of wine on the floor. "It was quite a surprise to see your livelihood on the floor. I wish I had more straws," he said. While he's still assessing the costs of the damage, the shop is now offering discounts on "earthquake survivor" wines with damaged labels and foils.

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