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Guatemala declares a state of emergency as severe drought threatens Central America


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Central America is in the throes of one of its worst droughts in decades. And the agricultural losses the region is suffering has hundreds of thousands of subsistence farmers at risk of hunger.

Now, Guatemala has declared a state of emergency.

According to the Associated Press, about 170,000 families there have already lost almost all of their crops. And though the declaration will allow the government and international agencies to step in with some relief, some experts worry that if rain doesn't come soon, hunger may drive more Guatemalan families to migrate.

Tim Rogers is an editor at Fusion television, which is part of Univision. He's covered the region for years and he says that the Guatemalan people — and their neighbors — are always threatened by mother nature; but with the reality of climate change and the prospect of famine on the horizon, some with family in the United States may consider heading north.