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Should men ever wear shorts to work?

Staffers at Take Two bare their legs ... what are your thoughts? Yay or nay?
Staffers at Take Two bare their legs ... what are your thoughts? Yay or nay?

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Temperatures reached triple digits in some areas this week. And, if you're working in an office with little to no air conditioning, you can remedy that with a change in wardrobe.

Women tend to have it easy with dresses and skirts, but should men ever dare to don shorts?

Michelle Dalton Tyree, the founder of Fashion Trends Daily, explains the do's and don'ts of men's hot weather fashion.

Interview highlights

A Martinez: How do you feel about men wearing shorts in general?

Well, in short, pardon the pun: They're simply not mainstream. I don't think we've recovered yet from what to do on casual Friday. It's still a distraction for people. It's really blurring the lines between work and casual. I spoke to a bunch of tech firms and creative agencies here in LA, that would not go on the record, but I spoke to several HR directors and they said that they have a firm policy against [shorts in the office].

AM: This argument has been floating around the fashionista world, hasn't it?

It sure has. We've really seen shorts come up in the past several seasons. We're seeing a lot of top fashion editors wearing them with blazers. You can get away with it in places like that. If you work at Esquire or GQ and you're a fashion editor, and there are some tech firms that allow it. But, those places are really doing it in a much more tailored way. They're adding a jacket, buttoned down shirts, nice oxford shoes. If you have a firm that allows that, then what you want to do is make sure you dress it up.

AM: I was thinking about shorts, doesn't it a lot depend on what comes out of the shorts? You have to have nice legs right?

I'm not sure we're ready for a lot of hairy legs trouncing around the office. Unless your job is at a summer camp, on top of a lifeguard tower or you're heading over to Oktoberfest, I'm not a fan of doing them. But, if you can and your office place allows it, then they need to be tailored slightly above the knee. We don't want short 70s-style, creepy uncle, gym teacher territory. 

When in doubt, Tyree suggests you remember this simple acronym:

Simple and stylish

HR approved

Office appropriate

Right above the knee


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