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On The Lot: Edward Snowden heading for the Oscars?

Edward Snowden is the subject of the new documentary, Citizenfour
Edward Snowden is the subject of the new documentary, Citizenfour
Glenn Greenwald/Laura Poitras /EPA/LANDOV

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"Citizenfour," Laura Poitras' documentary about Edward Snowden, premiered over the weekend at the New York Film Festival.  That immediately set off Oscar talk, says the LA Times' Rebecca Keegan.  She also says the film reveals some new information about the NSA spying programs and indicates there is a second whistleblower inside the NSA.

Keegan also talks about Lena Dunham's latest project. The HBO "Girls" director has taken on a young adult novel. She's adapting it for the screen and will direct. Hollywood, says Keegan, continues to rely heavily on just-past juvenile fiction as fodder for hits.

Another popular bet in Hollywood is sequels staring superheroes. And the latest has a twist. It's the Batman Lego movie. Will Arnett did a turn spoofing Christian Bale's Batman in the original Lego movie, and now Warner Bros. will release a made-of-bricks Batman movie, with Arnett returning as the Caped Crusader.

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