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Halloween: Advice for when your son wants to dress up in girls' costumes

The characters of the film,
The characters of the film, "Frozen."
The characters of the film,
KPCC reporter Jed Kim's niece is Darth Elsa for Halloween this year, blending popular male and female characters.
Alice Kim

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This year, one of the most popular costumes for kids is Elsa -- the icy queen from "Frozen."

Elsa's flowing blue dress festooned with snowflakes is the outfit of choice not just for many young girls, but also for some boys.

It may irk some parents, yet those same moms and dads may have no problem if their daughter dressed up as a male character like Darth Vader.

Lori Duron, author of the book and blog "Raising My Rainbow" gives advice to families on how to address the situation based on her own experience of raising her young son who likes to dress in girls' clothing.