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How Antonio Sanchez improvised the "Birdman" soundtrack

Michael Keaton as “Riggan” in
Michael Keaton as “Riggan” in "Birdman."
Courtesy Fox Searchlight Pictures

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"Birdman" - the latest work from Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu - is a very different movie in many ways, including the actors it employs, the visuals it includes and, in particular, the score throughout the film.

Where many directors opt for huge orchestras to create sweeping musical backdrops, Iñárritu decided to go a different route. Nearly the entire score comes from just one instrument - the drum.

The man behind those beats is Antonio Sanchez, who improvised the entire thing. He recently took a break from his other job - touring with jazz legend Pat Metheny to talk with Alex Cohen about his work on the film.