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The Flashback: The GOP won big and what that means for Congress

Presumed new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ...
Presumed new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ...
Shawn Thew/EPA/Landov

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It's our weekly look-back at the week in news, with analysis from James Oliphant, a political writer for National Journal, and Robin Abcarian, columnist for the Los Angeles Times. 

It was a good week for Republicans ... they took the Senate, maintained control in the House and dominated other races across the country.  And a key part of that agenda was the Affordable Health Care - which there was a lot of talk about on the campaign trail. But according to a voter survey the LA Times wrote about this week, Obamacare was not a HUGE factor in the election. 

Mitch McConnell, the presumed Senate Majority leader and the Speaker of the House John Boehner wrote an op-ed this week in the Wall Street Journal where they outlined their plan for the future. What did they say, and how likely to happen? 

2016 feels in many ways a long time away, but politically speaking, it's right around the corner. And there are a lot of people who think Hillary Clinton is just the type of person to come in and save the Democrats, but Clinton's star power didn't really help in a lot of races where she backed a Democratic candidate this week. Could her image have taken a hit?