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World's largest corn maze is so big that some call 911 to get out

The 2014 corn maze at Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, CA.
The 2014 corn maze at Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, CA.
Cool Patch Pumpkins/ via Facebook

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Along with apple picking and pumpkin carving, corn mazes are a time-honored fall tradition.

The corn maze at the Cool Patch Pumpkin farm in Dixon, California won the distinction of world's largest corn maze back in 2007. Since then it's gotten bigger and better each year and this year, it's maybe become too good.

A few people who were lost in the maze got so worried that they called 911, even though the map they're given when they start the maze says not to call the police.

Matt Cooley, who operates the maze, says the 63-acre maze is designed to be difficult, "but if you take your time, and follow the map, you can do it."

Cooley says that on average, it usually takes people two hours to make their way through. Without any wrong turns, it's about 3 miles long.

But because the maze was so big this year, some patrons couldn't finish. A few got so frustrated that they called 911. When that happens, Cooley says, the police call him and then someone will either head in to help the people out or talk them through it over the phone.

Cooley says they keep an eye on the parking lot to make sure that everyone has made it out. On a few occasions, people have been in the maze until 3 a.m.

"Most of the time the people that are out there that late are just messing around. They're having fun," Cooley says.

But he says next year they may have to scale back.

"My brother [Mark] is the one that designs it," Cooley says, "and he always wants bigger bigger bigger. But this year he finally admitted that you know what, it might be too big."