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Uber revolt: Will the ride share company overcome its bad press?

short list, mobile, miguel
short list, mobile, miguel
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The ride sharing company Uber is facing some problems. 

The company's easy-to-use app and often cheaper-than-a-taxi prices have made it the latest Silicon valley success story.

But in the past few weeks, some air has started leaking out of the tires.

Stories about the company's attitudes toward privacy along with comments that top level executives have made about women have angered some users so much that they're cutting ties with the company.

KPCC and Take Two asked listeners on facebook if they have changed their minds about Uber because of the recent bad press.

Several listeners said they have deleted the app and some weighed in with more comments about their view. 

Some of the positive comments included:

I have used it for quick last minute trips that would take a cab forever to pick me up. We have almost completely weened my aged mother in law off from driving with it and Uber has been a lifesaver and money saver for a disabled friend who until Uber had to hire drivers to get around town.

It's hit and miss. I spent an hour in a Hyundai driven by a 70-something year old man last week. I was near vomiting from motion-sickness when I arrived at my destination due to his driving style...but he was polite, the car was clean and you could tell he took pride in his work. He even had bottled waters in the cup holders of the backseat. It's still a way for individual entrepreneurship in the modern age...and there is room for all genders, ethnicities...and ages.

While others expressed distaste with the company:

As an independent musician and a woman, their misogyny and new spotify promotional campaign have fully sealed their demise for me.

I've deleted the Uber app, not only in light of recent negative press, but also in light of a friend's harass-y, scary personal experience with an Uber driver (she did report him). Just not longer a company that I have an interest in supporting. I'll stick to lyfts, cabs, or rides from friends myself.

Is this just a little bump in the road for Uber, or will the company's aggressive tactics and hubris send it the way of MySpace and other dot-bombs?

Laura Holson is a reporter for the New York Times and has been writing about it. She joins Take Two for more.