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Chris McCandless' sister reveals 'The Wild Truth' behind his story

The new book
The new book "The Wild Truth," by Carine McCandless.

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In 1992, a young man named Chris McCandless ventured into the Alaskan wilderness with little more than some rice, a rifle, a camera and some books. He survived for more than 100 days before dying in an abandoned school bus.

His story served as the basis of the best-selling book and feature film, both titled "Into the Wild." But until now, some of the key factors of Chris' story had been kept from the public.

The new book "The Wild Truth," written by Chris' younger sister, Carine McCandless, looks back at Chris' formative years and goes far to explain why he decided to venture into the unknown and cut off all ties with his family.

In the years since his death, Carine McCandless says, Chris became an iconic figure for people across the world. But, she adds, "People can learn so much more from his story when he’s humanized with this other perspective as to why he felt the need to cut off contact.” 

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