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The animated film 'Song of the Sea' retells the Selkie legend in water color

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When it comes to animated films, the United States tends to be a bit of a powerhouse, with big players like Disney and Dreamworks. But every now and then a gem of a movie comes to us from a faraway land.

Song of the Sea is just such a film.
It's an Irish picture about a little boy named Ben and his sister Saorsie, and it features a heavy dose of mythology. 

Saoirse and Ben discover that Saoirse, who does not speak, is the last of the Selkies, women in Celtic legends who transform from seals into people. And as the last of these mystical creatures, she has a mission: to find her voice and free the fairy creatures who are trapped in the modern world.

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Tomm Moore (The Secret of Kells) directed the film and talks about his approach to animation in a conversation with Take Two's Alex Cohen.