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Carson mayor is happy, but 'realistic' about possible Chargers, Raiders stadium

Rendering released by the city of Carson at a press conference Friday morning.
Rendering released by the city of Carson at a press conference Friday morning.
City of Carson

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It's an exciting day for the Los Angeles-area city of Carson. Two rival NFL teams - the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders - announced Thursday night in a joint statement that they'll pursue a shared stadium in the city.

That is, if stadium deals in their own cities don't pan out soon.

The teams said in the statement that they are pursuing this stadium option because they haven't yet found solutions for stadiums in San Diego and Oakland.

The proposed $1.7 billion facility would be located at an old landfill site in Carson, just off the San Diego freeway. The city is 15 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, and is currently the home of the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team.

Carson's Mayor, Jim Dear, told Take Two that when you look at a map of Southern California, the city is accessible from "pretty much anywhere." 

"Our location in Metropolitan Los Angeles is certainly the best location of any that have been looked at over the past few years," Dear said.

He's referring to other plans to bring NFL teams to LA. St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke is part of a joint venture to build a stadium at the former site of Hollywood Park in Inglewood. There's also the proposal for downtown LA known as Farmers Field.

However, Dear understands that the Carson proposal is in the very early stages, and hinges on the prospects of the Chargers and the Raiders not getting the stadium deals they desire in their cities. 

"This is a situation where both teams, I'm sure, are going to work very hard to try to get a modern stadium in their markets," Dear said. "Now, if they're not able to, then they're looking to Carson."

Does he feel like his city is being used as a pawn for the Chargers and Raiders to get what they want at home? "We're looking at it very practically and realistically," Dear said.