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Liquid gold: Selling breast milk raises practical, ethical questions

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To those in the know, it's called liquid gold. 

Breast milk is one of the most ancient and fundamental forms of nourishment. Recently it's also become a commodity, a very expensive one at that. 

Women are selling their pumped breast milk to companies which then process it into a high-protein product.

Reporter Andrew Pollack wrote about this for the New York Times.

"There's a belief that there are numerous components of milk that could be used for nutritional products or even the basis of medical products to treat not only babies, but also adults," he told Take Two.

But the business of breast milk is raising a lot of questions, both practical and ethical.  For more Take Two's Alex Cohen spoke with  Brandi Jordan, lactation consultant and owner of the Cradle Company based in Pasadena, and Bruce German, director of the Foods for Health Institute at UC Davis.