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App Chat: Would you use an app that's like Tinder for dogs?

BarkBuddy's like Tinder for dog adoption.
BarkBuddy's like Tinder for dog adoption.

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Could you make dog adoption more attractive by making the process like swiping on Tinder? 

That's what one company is exploring with their new app.

This week on App Chat: Tinder for dogs, Uber for valet and haven't you always wished that you could order a trainer through an app? No? Well, at least one company thinks that it's a good idea.

1) BarkBuddy - Tinder for dogs

Are you going to set up your dog on a little doggy date with this app? No. Swipe right when you see a dog that you like. Swipe left when you'd rather not see that dog again. That's the Tinder-ification of this app. If you do swipe right on a photo of a dog the app puts it into a cue. And at some point you can try and adopt the dog if you'd like.

You can sort dogs by gender, size, age and activity level. And the app lets you see which dogs are near you and ready to be adopted. If you want to adopt a dog, you still have to get in touch with the shelter and submit your application.

2) Handstand - Trainers on demand

Pretty straight forward. You select the type of work out that you'd like to do and the app lists local trainers for hire. The general range is from $20 to $100 for an hour of instruction. The workouts can include anything from cardio to yoga with special group options as well.

3) Luxe Valet - Uber for valet

Do you really hate parking? Do you ever get so frustrated looking for a space that you've wished that you could pay someone to park your car for you?  Would you pay up to $15 dollars for that magical parking privilege? Luxe Valet thinks you will.

You tell them where you're headed and a valet will meet you there to drive your car to one of their pre-approved lots. And when you want to leave they'll drive your car to wherever you are... as long as it's in one of their zones, which are spread out all over LA. There are some in Downtown, Hollywood and Santa Monica, so it's pretty limited.

I live in West Hollywood where parking is atrocious. Still, I don't think I've ever gotten to the point where I'd pay $15 bucks to park unless I was forced to.

Would you willingly pay $15 dollars for someone to park your car?