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The New York Times says LA is finally cool. Really?

Photo by Daniel Pouliot via Flickr Creative Commons

L.A. isn't filled only with blonde, vacuous wanna-be actors who never get out of our cars.

The New York Times wants you to know that because it's apparently a new trend to New Yorkers. 

In "Los Angeles and Its Booming Creative Class Lures New Yorkers," Alex Williams writes, "Los Angeles is enjoying a renaissance with a burgeoning art, fashion and food scene that has become irresistible to the culturally attuned."

Angelinos quickly lined up to say the city has been cool all along. (And, no, you can't rent a 2 bedroom bungalow in Echo Park for $1,250).

Alex Williams tells Take Two that L.A. has always been the same: it's that New Yorkers are looking for ways out of NYC and see L.A. as a more affordable – and still culturally interesting – alternative.