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New music from Hiatus Kaiyote, MC Lyte and more

"Dimension" by Georgia Anne Muldrow.
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It's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment. Oliver Wang and Morgan Rhodes join A Martinez in the studio to talk about the latest releases.

Morgan Rhodes

Artist: Georgia Anne Muldrow 
Album: "A Thoughtiverse Unmarred"
Song: "Great Blacks"
As an artist she's a chameleon... prophet, philosopher, MC, beat maker, musician. She's multi-talented and has the discography to prove it, having burst onto the scene in 2006. Her lyrics speak to self awareness evolution, spirituality and they pay homage to those that paved the way. This all hip hop album is a first for her as previous releases covered many genres.

Artist: Ferry Ultra
Song: "Let Me Do My Thing ft. Gwen McCrae" [Opolopo Remix]
Well known for his funk and soul remixes, Peter Major Opolopo has been burning up the dance floor with his latest house music offerings. "Let Me Do My Thing," a 2009 collaboration between veteran German DJ Ferry Ultra and soul/disco singer Gwen Mcrae gets a sexy soulful redo, breathing new life into this already cool track.

Artist: Hiatus Kaiyote
Album: "Choose Your Weapon"
Song: "Shaolin Monk Motherfunk"
Melbourne darlings Hiatus Kaiyote are back after their smash debut project "Tawk Tamahak," which was released in 2013. Now signed to a major label with a throng of hardcore supporters singing their praises, "Choose Your Weapon" feels at times like a secret show.

Oliver Wang

Artist: MC Lyte
Album: "Legend"
Song: "Dear John"
MC Lyte decided to release her first album in 12 years the other week, but the catch is, she only sold it on one single day (Record Store Day) and from here on out, she’s only selling it on vinyl and at her live shows. It’s a very curious release strategy. I can’t claim to understand it, but regardless, I’m genuinely glad to know she’s still recording and she still sounds pretty good. She’s definitely updated her flow to fit in with more contemporary styles but that husky, staccato style of hers is still there. I had a chance to meet her a few years back and she mostly DJs now vs. MCs but she’s as charismatic as ever. Her album’s called “Legend” and she’s more than earned that honorific. 

Artist: Morgan Bosman
Album: Morgan Bosman EP
Song: "Notice Me"
Bosman is part of that new wave of Nashville-based singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalists who are making the festival circuit and building a reputation for themselves with YouTube cover songs and the like. Her voice is obviously influenced by ‘70s soul singers, but there’s something about this track, “Notice Me,” that reminds me of the ‘80s... maybe it's the squiggly baselines and the chord progressions. And all from someone who wasn’t born until the ‘90s! 

Artist: Jay-Z
Song: "La La La (Excuse Me Miss Again)"
Jay-Z just announced that he’s going to live-stream a "B-sides" concert of his lesser known tracks on Tidal, in an effort to get more people to sign up for the streaming service that was launched big but since has looked more dripping faucet than a tidal wave. I have no idea if this is going to really have any impact, but I do like the idea that an artist with a catalog as deep as Jay-Z’s is going to perform some of his more obscure-ish songs, even though, technically speaking, Jay-Z never actually release a lot of B-side tracks. I’m being nitpicky but in any case, as a wish list, I plucked out "La La La aka "Excuse Me Miss Again" from 2003, which was a bonus cut originally released on "The Blueprint 2.0."