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'Limited Partnership' tells couple's story of same-sex marriage, immigration

Richard and Tony's wedding.
Richard and Tony's wedding.
Ron Wilson, Limited Partnership Films
Richard and Tony's wedding.
Richard and Tony in exile, 1985.
Rachel Waters, Limited Partnership Films
Richard and Tony's wedding.
Tony Sullivan (L) and Richard Adams (R). 2010. Photo by Amy Adler
Limited Partnership Films

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Before the end of June, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to resolve the nation's debate over same sex marriage once and for all.

The decision will mark another step in a decades-long fight for one couple. 

Filipino-American Richard Adams and his Australian husband Tony Sullivan met in the 1970s. Through luck, they were able to marry in Colorado.

The couple's story of love, immigration and their role in the gay rights movement is the focus of a documentary called, "Limited Partnership," which premieres Monday night on PBS.

Tony Sullivan and the film's director, Thomas Miller, tell more about the couple's story.

Warning: This interview contains some language that some listeners may find uncomfortable.