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How one LA chef invented the North African taco at his new restaurant Revolutionario

Tacos by Chef Farid Zadi at Revolutionario near USC.
Tacos by Chef Farid Zadi at Revolutionario near USC.
Jacob Margolis

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Los Angeles and tacos go together like, well, carne asada and corn tortillas. Here in LA we've got everything from the classic dollar tacos with al pastor for sale at little stands. To the expensive restaurants that slip things like kale into their tacos. And who can forget Roy Choi's Kogi tacos?   They blend together traditional Korean and Mexican flavors. What else could we want from a taco when we're so spoiled already? Well, how about some flavors from North Africa?

That's what classically trained Chef Farid Zadi is doing at his recently opened restaurant Revolutionario, which is located on West Jefferson Boulevard, just down the street from USC.

In it he's serving up things like smoked lamb tacos, cilantro yogurt chicken tacos and black eyed pea falafel tacos.

Click on the audio embedded above to hear the conversation between Chef Zadi and A Martinez.