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The Last Jimmy: Hip hop's take on race and mass incarceration

Art for the play, The Last Jimmy
Art for the play, The Last Jimmy
Art for the play, The Last Jimmy
Karl "Dice" Jenkins, one of the creators and stars of play, The Last Jimmy

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Mass incarceration among African American men is an issue discussed widely in the media; a best selling book by legal scholar Michelle Alexander and now a hip hop musical. 

"The Last Jimmy," examines the effects of the American prison system on poor whites and people of color. It was presented as part of the free concert series, Grand Performances' 'Aftershocks' --  an exploration of the arts and activism as Los Angeles marks 50 years since the Watts riots.

Ahead of the play, A Martinez  spoke with playwright Phillip Brown and musician Karl "Dice Raw" Jenkins as part of the "downSTAGE with Take Two" discussion series.  

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