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What to do with a crying baby in a restaurant? Parenting experts, restaurateurs weigh in

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If the name Marcy's Diner means anything to you, chances are you recently saw a news story about a family on vacation in Maine. 

21-month-old daughter Keira was none too pleased about the long wait for pancakes and started crying, and at least according to diner owner Darla Neugebauer, she didn't stop for some time. 

Eventually, as Neugebauer told local news crews, she lost it:

Keira's mother posted about the experience on the Marcy's Diner Facebook page, calling the owner "an absolute lunatic."

The story quickly went viral— raising all sorts of questions about what is and isn't acceptable about bringing a child to a restaurant. The incident also sheds light on the power of social media among parents these days.

Parenting and child development experts Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright, and Andy Hasroun, owner and operator of Los Angeles eateries Link N Hops and 55 Degree Wine joined Take Two to discuss.

To hear the full interview with Heather Turgeon, Julie Wright and Andy Hasroun click the link above.