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Actor Jake Johnson talks new film, 'Digging for Fire'

A screen grab from YouTube of a scene from 'Digging for Fire.'
A screen grab from YouTube of a scene from 'Digging for Fire.'
YouTube screen grab

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The new film "Digging for Fire" is about a married couple living in L.A. with a young kid. 

The mom, Lee, played by Rosemarie DeWitt, is a yoga teacher. One of her wealthy clients asks her to house sit.  While there, her husband Tim, played by Jake Johnson, starts poking around the hills in the backyard and stumbles across a bone and a gun. Lee asks her husband to stop digging, but...he keeps digging, and he stumbles across bones, and a gun. Hijinks ensue.

"Digging for Fire" was written in part by Johnson, who collaborated on the screenplay with director Joe Swanberg. Johnson says the film addresses challenges married couples face in their relationships today.

"We wanted to show the characters outside their comfort zones, to show that stepping away from a relationship for a weekend can offer a breathe of fresh air and make you stronger as a couple," Johnson said.

The film also takes on the hard transition of becoming a parent, while many of your friends still don't have kids. "You make sacrifices, that if you don't have kids seem to be the biggest sacrifices in the world. But what your friends don't understand is that it's a choice," Johnson said. 

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